b. College Station, Texas


2014 - Biola University, B.F.A., Painting

2013- Cambridge University, UK

2012- New York Center for Art and Media Studies


Selected Exhibitions:

2018- Salvage: Marine, Terrestrial, Astral, ArtExchange, Long Beach, CA

2017-  Mothership, Coachella Desert, Coachella, CA

           Wonder Woman, Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA

          Pow Wow!, MADE Gallery, Long Beach, CA

          Art and Design Pop Up, Edison Penthouse, Long Beach, CA

2016- Suspended Disbelief, MADE Gallery, Long Beach, CA

          #Instafamous, LA Space Camp, Los Angeles, CA

           Introduction: Studio Artists at MADE, MADE Gallery, Long Beach, CA

2015- Gender and Faith, Biola University, La Mirada, CA

          Young and Restless, Display Gallery, Anaheim, CA

          Gallery Tally, Chapman University, Orange, CA

2014- Party with Purpose, Harvest Craft Fundraiser, Brea, CA

          The Quickening, The Green Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

          Gallery Tally, For Your Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

          Complexity is What Happens When You Have a Soul, Los Angeles, CA

2012 - The Supernumerary Rainbow, New York Center for Art and Media Studies, New York, NY



2017- "Experiencing Light, Gisela Colon's New Work at Diane Rosenstein Gallery," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Radiant Space Presents Laurie Shapiro 'Before You Were Born,'" Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Dispatches From the Front Lines, Merion Estes at CB1 Gallery," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Man Up! Masculinity in Question," Art and Cake LA Magazine

           "CACtTUS, an Avant-garde Haven for Long Beach Artists," Art and Cake LA Magazine

           "'The Panacea Project' Nudges Funny Bones at Werkartz," Art and Cake LA Magazine

           "SELF RELIANCE 2017," Art and Cake LA Magazine

           "CUNT at Venus Over Los Angeles," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Black is a color at Charlie James Gallery," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Home Need Not Be So Permanent: HOME- So Different, So Appealing," Art and Cake LA           Magazine

          "Making Herself at Home: Studio Visit with Artist Sijia Chen," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Edgar Arceneaux's 'Until, Until, Until...' At Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects," Art and      Cake LA Magazine

          "Sabrina Gschwandtner's 'Hands at Work' at Shoshana Wayne Gallery," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Crossing Boundaries' at the Huntington Beach Art Center," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Book Club: Going Native at Durden and Ray," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Jacques Flechemuller at The Good Luck Gallery," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Dan Callis and Tina Linville at Jason Vass," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Collaboration for Equality, A Feminist Perspective," Art and Cake LA Magazine 

          "Divide and Conquer, Durden and Ray's 'Round Won,'" Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Male or Female? You Decide," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Long Beach City College Exhibitions Give Hope in the Midst of Chaos," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "A Lesson in Class, Gender and Race form Genevieve Gaignard," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "Karl Haendel: Drawing the American Ego," Art and Cake LA Magazine

          "GLAMFA Focuses on Connection, Community and a Collective Vision," Art and Cake LA Magazine

2016- "Dark Realism/Dark Surrealism," Art and Cake LA Magazine

           "Deborah Brown, Be Careful What You Wish For," Art and Cake LA Magazine

2015- "Rebecca Campbell: Inspiring Change with Paint and Presence," Yay! LA Magazine

           "Coasting Its Way Into Your Heart," Yay! LA Magazine

           "Illustrative Enchantment: The Art of Jensine Eckwall," Yay! LA Magazine

           "Searching for Humanity: The Art of John Wentz," Yay! LA Magazine

           "Edith Lebeau: Magical Maven," Yay! LA Magazine

           "Plagues and Pleasures in the LBC," Yay! LA Magazine 

2014-  "The Life of an Artist Gets Real," Rogue Art Research and Writing



2017- Laguna College of Art and Design

          Biola University, La Mirada, CA